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Recall Bonin End of Year Update 2017 part 3 of 3



Rumor:  Did the Recall hit a bump in the road because the Affidavit was not signed?

No, this is false.  As we stated in November the ad in the Argonaut was improperly submitted.  The now infamous Affidavit page was left out by mistake.  The Affidavit was signed by all proponents when the initial recall was filed.  This page has been up on our website since day one and has been shared multiple times. 

The rumor that the Affidavit was not signed can be attributed to #Fakenews outlets like StreetsBlogLA and political bullies like the people that run Bonin’s reject the recall pages.  Ultimately this would have only been a minor hiccup as we could have refiled without any difficulty.  The reason we held off on the signature gather phase is explained in the statement above.


RumorThe Recall Election will cost taxpayers millions of unnecessary dollars.

Partially False.  It will have a cost, everything does.  However, you cannot put a price on democracy.  We also can’t afford to continue to have Bonin as our councilman.  The city has already paid out $9.5M in a settlement due to Bonin’s incompetence and arrogance.  He failed to have Vista del Mar secured after LADOT had made that specific request and then in a show of the utmost arrogance he failed to show when he was subpoenaed by the court to testify.  Another four lawsuits are currently being deliberated regarding three additional different incidents, all of which will be costlier than a recall election.


Rumor70% of the people voted for Bonin.

Partially False.  Only 18% of the registered voters (not even the eligible voters) showed up to vote in March.  Of the 18% it’s true that 70% voted for Bonin but if you do the math that’s only 12% of the registered voters.  On top of that, Bonin spent a whopping $35 per vote received that’s 150% more than the second-place candidate and 400% more per vote than the third-place candidate. 


Rumor:  The Recall is funded by the alt right, right wing money or Steve Bannon.

False on all accounts.  We have always maintained that we are nonpartisan, as such we have supporters and donors who run the entire political gamete.  Because these are private individuals we don’t question their political leanings, but I can personally attest to having donors who have supported Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  The article that was published in Yo Venice! alluding to having ‘prominent donors’ who donated over $500,000 to GOP causes and Donald Trump is misleading.  It’s true that out of our almost 500 donors one or two have donated significant amounts of money to a wide range of political campaigns over the past ten years but this group (if you can call two people that) have accounted for less than 3% of the Recall’s donations.  In fact, donations have come evenly from Democrats and Republicans with the Democrats having a slight advantage in the number of donations, the amount per donation and the total amount donated vs Republicans.  More impressive in my opinion is the vast majority of donations that have come from independent voters.


RumorAlexis Edelstein is alt right, white supremist, anti-immigrant, anti-Latino and using campaign as a personal cash windfall.

I’ve debated whether or not to address these questions.  Mainly because the campaign is about recalling Bonin and political questions should be focused on actions and inactions attributed to Bonin.  Also, because these accusations are so ridicules and childish that anyone with access to Google and a smidgen of common sense would be able to figure out they are lies.

Bonin’s office and his goons purposefully put out misinformation in an attempt to distract from Bonin’s inadequacies and lack of a successful track record.  Their hope is to have me over react and make categorical statements that would seem to pull the campaign way to the left thus politicizing the campaign.

Allow me to step into the spot light for a brief minute and categorically deny all the false accusations.  I’m not alt right, I was and am a Bernie Sanders supporter, I was a proud delegate for Bernie at last years DNC and have been transparent about this from day one.  However, this has nothing to do with the Recall Campaign and I’m happy to say that we have a wide array of political backgrounds working on the campaign. 

I’m not anti-Latino or anti-immigrant.  I’m both an immigrant and Latino, I was born in Argentina and am a naturalized USA Citizen. 

Over the past couple of days Steve Barkan, Bonin's campaign consultant has accused the campaign of being a "moneymaking scam" used to make a personal profit.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  First let me point out that Steve Barkan works for SG&A, a political consulting firm that took over $83,000 from Bonin's office in 2017 alone for his March reelection.  That's $83,000 for three months!  We have always been transparent and from day one on the campaigns donation page the budget is spelled out A line item of $6,650 is slated for fixed expenses including web/admin/outreach/marketing/phone/print.  I’ve also lent the campaign $20,000 of my own money meaning that as of today I have a negative cash flow of $14,000. 

Finally, I have an MBA and over 20 years of corporate experience.  If I chose to, I could get a job in the private sector making well over the amount of money I’ve collected from the over 60 hours a week I’ve put into the campaign.  To me the Recall is a passion project!

Good, now that we’re done with the distractions let’s get back to work!


The Numbers:

Donations to date:           476

Amount raised:                 $94,121*

*Includes a $20,000 loan from Alexis Edelstein to the Recall Campaign



2017 Projected vs Actual


Projected:                   $112,400

Actual:                        $53,487



Projected:                   $112,400

Actual:                        $74,121


Cash on Hand

Projected:                    $0

Actual:                        $20,633


Donations by Political Party

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