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Recall Bonin End of Year Update 2017 part 2 of 3



Learnings from Past Year

Inclusivity:  We need to do a better job of reaching out to the multitude of grassroots groups across the district.  Selling them on how removing Bonin is a win-win and a much more effective solution compared to the multiple lawsuits that are currently being pursued.

Beginning in January we will be publishing a calendar of town hall events that the Recall will be holding across the district in all the major neighborhoods and inviting local grassroots groups to join in sharing their vision with the community.


Volunteers:  There are multiple people that have come to the campaign and asked to volunteer, our challenge is identifying our needs and matching them with our volunteer pool.  To succeed here we will need someone from the community to step up and help take on this challenge.  Every single volunteer matters but it all starts here.  If you’re serious in seeing the Recall succeed, then we need you to step up!


Replacement Candidates:  Probably the number one question we get!  “If Bonin goes who will replace him and what if they’re worse?”  First let me assure you that by definition no one could be worse.  This is because Bonin is part of the political machine that runs LA City Hall.  He is a puppet (I’m being kind) and beholden to the institutional developers and establishment political hacks that prioritize their political careers over the needs of the people (can you say Garcetti?). 


This establishment will not run a candidate in the Recall, Bonin can’t run either:  The recall election ballot will have a Yes/No question for the recall and if you vote Yes you are then asked to select the replacement candidate.  The establishment would only help in seeing the recall succeed if they ran someone and they don’t want that. 


Why the replacement will have to do a better job:  The replacement, whoever they are, will be exposed to the same recall process as Bonin but one that would be funded by the establishment meaning that in order to avoid being recalled themselves they will have to be doing the work of the people and make sure that their actions are well received and in the interest of the constituents, something Bonin knows nothing about.


All that being said, we, the constituents of District 11, need people to step up and put their name in the hat.  The more candidates we have the better our chances of success are at a recall.  That’s because each candidate and their campaign will be rallying up voters to vote Yes to the recall and vote for them. 


If you’ve ever considered running now is the time!




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