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To all our supporters and especially our donors, we’d like to wish you a Happy New Year’s!

We’ve used these past couple of weeks to reflect over the last six months and carefully plan for the year ahead.  It’s evident that there’s a significant appetite, in the community, to remove Bonin from office.  He has four long years left in his term and if we’re to succeed we need to make sure the necessary resources are had to prevail.  Nothing would be worse than initiating the signature gathering process, spending thousands of dollars and coming up short.  Below we spell out our updated estimates and what we believe is needed to succeed.


From Grassroots to a Movement

This campaign started unexpectedly as a reaction to the Councilman Mike Bonin’s illogical and unilateral actions on traffic throughout the district – lane diets, mass developments, zoning changes – and quickly evolved into a movement as Bonin has continued to show his incompetence and negligence on issues regarding our overall safety.

His negligence has cost the lives of at least five innocent pedestrians and his incompetence in curtailing the inhumane living conditions experienced by Los Angeles’ less fortunate has led to the largest fire disaster in our city’s history.  

From an economic standpoint we could not have envisioned a more disastrous combination.  Bonin has also led the literal strangulation of small businesses in Playa del Rey and Mar Vista (and will continue to do so with additional traffic reconfigurations across District 11) and, in a move that mafia would be envious of, Bonin has championed the monopolization of waste removal for commercial properties and multi-unit dwellings throughout the district.  This last unilateral move has already increased costs on small businesses up to 500% and will also trickle down to those who own or rent in multi-unit buildings as well.


Our Goal Remains Unchanged

Let there be no mistake.  The Recall campaign is moving forward.  It will not cease until Mike Bonin is replaced.  We have a councilman representing us that at best is incapable of leading and at worst belongs jail. 

Bonin is divisive, it’s the only way he can garner any ‘support’.  He’s incompetent, how else can you explain his inability to get simple safety solutions installed after they have been requested and budgeted by LADTO and USDOT over four years ago.  He’s elusive, he refuses to meet with constituents, do interviews or have inquisitive town halls.  His only concern is the corporate class, he goes out of his way to cater to large corporate interests like Snapchat and institutional developers.  He does not represent the people of District 11 and as such does not have our best interest in mind. 


Where We Stand

Over the past five months we’ve received almost 500 individual donations totaling just under $100,000!  That’s amazing especially considering we’re a grassroots organization that does not have the support of any political party, special interest organization or rich patrons.  And although we were able to gain major victories in Playa del Rey and effectively put Bonin on notice, (he’s taken on added head count, started a PAC, and rallied his goons to fight the Recall) our fundraising targets that would have ensured our success in the signature gathering phase were not met. 


From a budgetary standpoint although we were only able to reach two thirds of our donations target for the year we managed to spend less than half, 47% of our estimated budget.  Leaving our cash on hand at $20,633 and a positive start to 2018.


-Based on our initial calculations we estimated a need of at least $200,000 to initiate the 120-day signature gathering phase.  This was based off multiple conversations with a wide array of political consultants.  Also playing against our favor was a record year in state wide initiatives that resulted in an increased demand of signature gathers and effectively increased our cost of success. -


Moving Forward

Over the past few weeks we’ve revaluated the political calendar and landscape and have identified two potential scenarios with which to proceed. 


- A June scenario and a November scenario. -

To initiate a June scenario, we would need to raise an additional $400,000 by June.  This would only be feasible if we’re able to get a political party, major organization or rich patron to back the campaign.  A more likely November scenario would require us to raise an additional $300,000 by November. 


Why is June more than November?  Because the midterm elections, a June primary and a November general, will increase demand on signature gathers as they work to register voters and get out the vote. 




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