Recall Bonin

Is a Recall Really a Solution?

Yes!  Because Bonin is termed out, meaning that he's not up for reelection and he has a 5 1/2 year term to serve out.  He's shown time and time again that he doesn't care about his constituents, he has denied multiple requests to meet regarding the changes implement and the ones yet to come.  

He's gone as far as canceling an "Open House" event that was to be held at LMU.  This is just par for the course for Bonin, earlier this year he was a no-show at the candidate's debates.  Bonin's leadership style seems to be that of a strong man.  He does not seek out advice from the voters nor does he seek out advice from the experts.  Bonin does not think things out either, some of the unintended consequences of his Road Changes included an economic hit to local businesses and increased pollution.

How about legal action?  Great question!  There are currently two lawsuits in the courts regarding these Road Changes, however, we believe that the city will kick the can down the road and look to wait out any legal action.  Also, these lawsuits do not solve for the further changes that will be occurring on the most traveled streets in the district including Lincoln, Sepulveda, Santa Monica Blvd, Pico, Olympic, Bundy, Abbott Kinney, and much more.


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