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Recall Bonin Offers LADOT $10,000 to pay for Flashing Crosswalk

The Recall Bonin Campaign would like to contribute $10,000 for the purpose of immediately installing Rectangular Rapid Flash LED Beacons (RRFB) "Flashing Crosswalk Signs" on the crosswalk on Pacific Ave and Sunset Ave in Venice California.  
It is apparent to us and the constituents in Venice as well as the rest of LA CD11 that Councilperson Mike Bonin does not prioritize and/or care about our safety.  That is why we are taking matters into our own hands and requesting that LADOT accept the $10,000 (the cost of purchase and install) to implement the safety treatment recommended and approved by LADOT in July of 2014.  The USDOT approved funds through the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) (Cycle 6) in 2014.  We find it reprehensible and negligent that over 3 years have passed and there has yet to be any safety measures installed.  
We understand that Bonin is out of touch with the community and his incompetence has failed to prioritize this program and is now hiding behind claims of "Red Tape" from LADOT, CALTRANS and USDOT.  But somehow Bonin has managed to instruct LADOT to install a RRFB at Pacific and Market in Venice, next to Snapchat Corporate Offices and two RRFB are currently being installed in Playa del Rey.  It should be noted that Snapchat chief senior level executive donated thousands to Bonin in 2016.
Below is a copy of an open letter being sent to the State Attorney General and to USDOT Office of Inspector General asking them to investigate if there were any misappropriations of funds and any quid pro quo on behalf of Bonin, his staff, LA City Hall and LADOT.  
For the benefit of the constituents of LA City District 11 please promptly respond to this communication.  We would like to know how to transfer $10,000 to LADOT to be used for RRFB at the Pacific and Sunset intersection.  We would like to have it dedicated to Damon Eric Shear and a sign attached to the fixture commemorating Damon.  We would also like to know the status of the other 45 intersections that the USDOT approved over $1.4M to receive RRFB in 2014.  
The people deserve to know what intersections remain unsafe due to the incompetence of Mike Bonin!
Alexis Edelstein
Co Chair, Recall Bonin Campaign
On copy:  Family members of Damon Shear, Recall Bonin Campaign, Media, USDOT, LADOT, Concerned Constituents, Councilperson Mike Bonin
Nov. 1, 2017
To Calvin L. Scovel III and Xavier Becerra,
Residents of the Westside’s LA City District 11 were once again victims to Councilman Bonin’s incompetence and negligence this Wednesday when a car hit and killed a pedestrian on a crosswalk on Pacific Ave in Venice.
According to Alexis Edelstein, Co-Chair of the Recall Bonin Campaign, this is “at least the third death that is directly attributed to Bonin’s lack of action.”  Referencing the death of a 15yr old girl and 21yr old male on Vista Del Mar in 2015 and 2016 respectively.  “We have evidence that proves the LADOT recommended and that the US DOT through the Federal Highway Administration and Caltrans approved funding for Rectangular Rapid Flash LED Beacons (RRFB).”  In an email from 2015 Mohammad H. Blorfroshan, LADOT Senior Transportation Engineer Western District Office, writes that “installation is funded through the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) (Cycle 6).”  HSIP is a core Federal-aid program with purpose of reducing traffic fatalities on all public roads.  It is legislated under the US Department of Transportation.
“What is even more astonishing is Bonin’s response as to why the seemingly simple solution of installing flashing safety signs (RRFB) were not implemented,” Edelstein is referring to a Tweet by David Graham-Caso, Bonin’s Communications Director in which he blames “ridiculous red tape” tied to funding as reason for not installing safety measures.
Edelstein points out that according to the US Department of Transportation documents the solution prescribed for the intersection and covering both sides of the street would have only cost approximately $10,000 to purchase and install.  In fact, according to documents uncovered by the Recall Bonin Campaign the HSIP program had authorized Project ID HSIP6-07-020 for a sum of $1,404,856 in Federal Funds to address 46 citywide locations for the install of RRFBs as far back as 2014.  That’s an average of $30,540 per project!
Given Bonin’s and the city’s lack of action, the Recall Bonin Campaign is offering to pay for the immediate install of RRFB (Flashing Safety Signs) for the intersection on Pacific Ave in Venice.  “It’s incredible that private citizens need to step in and do the job of a city councilmember but it’s evident that Bonin does not have the acumen or will to do the most basic of things to keep the constituents of the District safe.” Edelstein explains, “Bonin has spent millions of dollars on ill conceived ‘experiments’ with road reconfigurations in Playa del Rey and Mar Vista, with 19 additional streets planned including Lincoln, Sepulveda, Pico, Wilshire and others.  These experiments have costs businesses millions of dollars and cost the drivers added traffic congestion and grief whilst making the streets more dangerous by increasing injury accident rates.  Yet Bonin doesn’t appear capable of implementing the simplest of solutions that are proven to save lives!” 
“Bonin’s incompetence and negligence are bordering on criminal.  We are calling for a full investigation by the US Department of Transportation into the misappropriation of funds and to uncover how many more streets and intersections have been recommended for and approved for improvements that have yet to be addressed.”  “Bonin and the city seem to be more concerned with securing the Olympics than dealing with real life problems faced by each of us on a daily basis.  His lack of leadership and follow through has led the development of grassroots groups forming in the district around countless issues.  We invite all of these groups to join Recall Bonin in our efforts to remove and replace the councilmember.  We need a representative that is in touch with the community, cares about its constituents and follows through!”
“We are also calling for the State AG to investigate a quid pro quo into the install of flashing crosswalk signs onto Pacific Ave and Market St next to Snapchat’s Corp offices.  Snapchat C level executives donated thousands to Bonin’s reelection campaign earlier this year.  Coincidently they get a flashing crosswalk only a couple of blocks down from Sunset Ave, who has been waiting for over 3 yrs?  Somethings obviously odd about that.”
A vigil and check ceremony is planned for Friday morning at 10:10am with a minute of silence and an important announcement from Recall Bonin.
July 2014 – LADOT issued a Traffic Control Report recommending and approving RRFBs, “Yield to Pedestrian” (Flashing Safety Signs).  The report was recommended by Rudy Guevara, transportation Engineer Western District and approved by Brian R. Gallagher, Senior Transportation Engineer District Operations West Division.  Councilmember Bonin was on copy.
2015 – Mohammad H. Blorfroshan of LADO confirms that the RRFB have been funded through the HSIP Cycle 6 and are scheduled for installation between mid-2016 and early-2017.
October 25, 2017 – Male killed in morning while attempting to cross on intersection.
October 25, 2017 – David Graham-Caso, Communications Director for Bonin, tweets “Lights…funding came with ridiculous red tape.”
October 26, 2017 – Recall Bonin Campaign offers to pay for and immediately install RRFB “Flashing Safety Signs” on Pacific Ave in Venice at location of fatality.
Pacific Av and Market “Snapchat intersection”
A RRFB cross walk was installed on Pacific Av and Market St approx. a year ago****.  This is the exact type of cross walk that was approved by LADOT and funded by USDOT through HSIP but was somehow never installed on Pacific Av and Sunset where a 40yr old male was killed while crossing the street.  Recall Bonin is calling for a full investigation into possible funds being misappropriated to benefit Snapchat over specific recommendations of LADOT.  Chief senior level executive from Snapchat donated thousands to Mike Bonin.
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