Recall Bonin

How Did This Happen

In June, the Councilmember Mike Bonin, cut down lanes on Vista del Mar, Venice and Culver as part of Safe Streets for Playa del Rey.  Curiously this comes on the heels of a $9.5M settlement that L.A. City orchestrated so that Bonin would not have to testify.  There's currently a second lawsuit pending for a death that occurred in 2016 which it is believed is the reason for Bonin's actions on Vista del Mar.  Earlier on Mayor Eric Garcetti passed "Vision Zero" as an emergency executive directive without the input of the voters. Vision Zero is the city's plan to eliminate all traffic deaths by extending curbs and cutting down traffic lanes.  This movement began in Sweden in the 90's as a disincentive to using the automobile by utilizing mass transit, a luxury we Angelenos don't have.

To make matters worse, Councilman Mike Bonin, led a vote in the Transportation Committee to reallocate 60% of the funds for Measure M passed last November by the city voters for mass transportation to their Vision Zero plan. While there are plenty of options that can make our roads safer, no options were studied or discussed before these changes suddenly occurred. We are pro-safety, but also in favor of fact-based open government!



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