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Bonin Lied! Venice is more DANGEROUS

Venice Boulevard is more dangerous now than it was before Councilmember Bonin implemented Mar Vista's Great Streets program--and that’s according to the LADOT’s own numbers.
Bonin once again is purposely misleading his constituents and drivers with his assertion of safer streets on Venice Blvd. between Beethoven and Inglewood in the two month span after the removal of a lane of traffic. He boasts that there’s been a 10 percent decrease in injury collisions.  However, over the past 90 days the rate of injury collisions are up 7 percent and Bonin knows it.
You don't need a degree from Harvard to know that the number that matters is the Rate of Injury Collisions and not the actual Number of Injury Collisions. Actually, it's even spelled out in the City's own Mobility Plan 2035 on page 73 where it calls out "Improved Safety" by saying that, "Traffic Calming … can help reduce … the rate of collisions.”
The only reason injury collisions are down as a number is because the number of cars “going thru Venice Blvd went from 37,000 a day to 31,000 a day according to LADOT's own numbers. Per 100,000 cars the rate of injury accidents went from 2.7 per month to 2.9 per month. That’s an increase of 7.4%.
So the reality is that Venice Blvd. isn't safer.  In fact, it’s more dangerous.
Of course Bonin did not actually set success measures prior to his ill-fated and ill conceived experiments in Mar Vista and Playa del Rey and now we’ve caught him red handed trying to define success retroactively. Only Bonin would have the gall to suggest that an increase in injury collision rates is a sign of success.
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