Recall Bonin

$25,000!!! Recall here we come!

Amazing support!  We've already reached the $25,000 mark!

Great news we will be launching our v2.0 next week!

Get ready for more interactivity, updates and promotional materials.  We'll also give you the ability to phone bankemail and send messages to your friends, family and colleagues!

You'll also be able to get involved as a Recall Bonin 'beat reporter!' by submitting your pictures and videos onto the site.  See an accident, see a jay walker or just have some much free time stalled in traffic that you want to take a scenic shot, well then post them onto our updated site.

We'll also be having giveaways so stay tuned!

One thing Bonin has succeeded in is bringing the community closer together.  District 11 is unified in wanting our lanes back and recalling Bonin!

Return our Lanes


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